We accept and recognise that fantastic steampunk weapons are a big part of the steampunk genre and we are always delighted and amazed by the creativity involved in people’s accessories – of all kinds.

Please note however that we do not condone, encourage or want you to break the law in any way, shape or form and advise you most strongly to ensure that you carry, wear and display any weaponry in an acceptable and safe way.


We suggest that all weapons are transported to and from the event in a suitable bag, case or cover. When not in use we advise you to lock your weaponry in your car/accommodation etc. Please be aware that even replica weapons can cause alarm in a public place and take care to display them only when and where appropriate.


Blades and Swords 


We apologise but would ask that you do not bring real and blunt replica blades and swords as they are illegal to carry in public and will not be permitted at the event. However, LARP style (live role play/latex type) swords and blades are allowed if worn as part of an outfit. You may be asked to return any weapons that do not adhere to the rules and the law to your vehicle/accommodation on entry. The security team also have the right to inform the authorities and confiscate items if you are carrying an illegal blade or firearm in public.  



Thank you for keeping this event safe and fun for all to enjoy!